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Nora by Charles Jay Harwood Chapter 5.4

The lights rebounded against each side of the windscreen. The death-car’s fishtail battered her into a ragdoll state, but she barely noticed. The row of lights burned at the centre of her existence. Would these be the terminus? Would she be getting off here? How deep is the fall…? How deep? The pores of her body flew open in a creeping rash. The limo plummeted with majesty into its magnificent skid and the streetlights approached in a hypnotic dance. A nanosecond imprinted a vision of Leon wrestling the steering wheel; behind him, Vince pitched about like a showroom dummy. He seemed unimpressed…or entranced, she wasn’t sure. Another flicker. The chassis emitted a sickening roar. Scorched oil spiked the air. Would the floor open up beneath and suck her onto the bandsaw below?
The cab collapsed into a tilt. The streetlights vanished from view and streaked comet-like around the cab windows. Those infernal railings quivered on speeding past. Nancy’s neck pulsed against the torque. Her jaw ached and her skull oscillated with the scream of metal scoring tarmac. How deep…? The railings reappeared, merging together in transparent imprints. How deep..?
The screeching hit a timbre that clawed at her ears. The chaos flickered into a blur she daren’t contemplate. And when the railing shot back into view, they no longer quivered but stood to attention no more than ten feet away.
In an instant, the grille connected with steel. The spine of the car convulsed. A headlight exploded, the other lit a nightmare of twisted spindles against a black void. Nancy’s head reeled from the fairground spin. But gravity was shifting. The limo groaned. Sensing the same force, Leon pushed against the back of his seat. No one uttered a sound. The railings buckled like card. The limo slipped frontwards in a penitent bow. Nancy’s seatbelt cut into her midriff. Her limbs, her neck, her internal organs slipped forwards. Her feet batted the floor in a futile attempt to defy gravity. How deep…how deep…?
The engine continued to roar in midair. But serenity enclosed her. Gravity desisted. A hairline crack shot across her window. Hair fanned her face. Her spine rebounded against the upholstery. Light flashed across the interior. This is the door to her very soul. The fall is deep, as deep as…. The limo forced outside of presumed destiny became no longer a mass of metal, but an entity liberated. She mourned her enclosure. A multitude of safety fixtures had seen their finest hour. And all in the name of her. An exalted gasp escaped her.
A wall of gravel faced-off the windscreen. Her bubble of clarity imploded. Thunder burrowed into every joint from her feet to her neck. Her stomach sloshed against her abdominal wall, bringing simultaneous nausea and hunger. Air jetted from her nostrils; her eyelids flickered. A rocky floor-scape advanced against the windscreen. PleaseGod! A round of detonations inched it closer. The bonnet yielded like tin. Bleached pebbles cut from shadows scored into her retinas. Glass rippled into a million daggers strung together.
She could stand it no more. She begged desperately for everything to stop but the floor-scape plummeted. Her chin struck her chest. She gritted her teeth. The cab pitched backwards in an endless arc. In an instant, her head weighed a ton. Her nape slammed against the back of her seat. Her throat closed up. The cab ceiling filled her vision. Would this be her final image?
Her seat pulsed. The rear wheels shunted gravel; her ribcage shunted her lungs. She grunted air she never thought possible and a nettle rash shimmered across her chest. She begged the sensation wouldn’t spread. But silver wings swarmed across her vision. Was she still falling backwards? Was this the light in her deepest, darkest hour? And when she hits the bottom, what would await her?