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Nora by Charles Jay Harwood Chapter 16.3

Nora has a Job to Do
Amy took the initiative. ‘Mr. Jonas, I’m sorry to disturb you, it seems the problem we had yesterday just got a little er…complicated.’
Vince didn’t appear to be listening. He proceeded to lift a whisky glass and pour himself a finger’s width of scotch. He screwed the top. Amy ventured on, ‘Er…Mr. Jonas, this is…’
‘Nora. I’m a nurse.’                          
Vince grabbed a fistful of ice from the bucket without using the tongs. He dropped a few chunks into his glass with a clink. ‘Did you get my plane tickets, Amy?’
Amy seemed gratified Vince had ignored Nancy’s greeting. ‘Yes, the flight is scheduled for Monday.’
Vince agitated the liquid. The follicles at his hairline had now grown back as well as the gash in his eyebrow. Nancy guessed his teeth no longer glowed in the dark. He closed his eyes and took a nip. His eyes had been closed and his skin had possessed the pallor of gesso. The seam of an eyelid betrayed a gleam. This gave her the impetus. ‘I’m pleased to meet you again, Mr. Jonas.’
Vince paused, looking at her. He tilted his glass again. This time, he eyed her as he downed the dregs. Nancy grew acutely aware of her blouse sliding against her breasts as she breathed. She adopted a cool cadence. ‘If you don’t mind my saying, I wouldn’t call this a bedroom. A bedroom is a place for sleep, not for watching TV or for conducting business.’ She alluded to his drinks trolley. ‘And certainly not for drinking.’
Vince deposited his whisky glass onto the drinks trolley with a rap. ‘I will take note of your thoughts…Nora, but I believe you are confusing the role of a nurse for a housekeeper.’ His throaty tone grew quiet for emphasis. ‘If this is the case, perhaps you could resolve the problem of the dust in here and perhaps rearrange my drinks trolley whilst you’re at it.’
‘Mr. Jonas…’
‘Amy, this is the second time this individual has found herself in my private quarters. Did I not make myself perfectly clear I do not wish to be disturbed by anyone, press, nurse or otherwise?’
Amy salvaged a morsel of composure for Nancy’s benefit. ‘She says she could enforce prosecution unless I let her see you, Mr. Jonas. What I’d like to do is kick her butt for every step o’ that staircase from top to bottom.’
Vince’s eyes did a mini roll beneath lids at half-mast. ‘If I want somethin’ to happen, Amy, I expect you to make it happen.’
‘I’m just tryin’ to explain myself so that you can understand how this intruder tricked her way past me.’
‘Explanations do not interest me, Amy.’
‘But she’s done this twice, now, Mr. Jonas. I’m pretty mad at myself for lettin’ that happen. I’m sorry for letting you down.’
Vince didn’t reply. He lifted his whisky glass once more and allowed the ice-melt to slide into his mouth. He worked on it before swallowing. He wiped the dampness on the back of his hand.
Nancy ventured a contribution, ‘this room could be very restful, Mr. Jonas.’ She looked about. ‘…with a few small changes.’
Vince deposited his glass once more upon the drinks trolley. ‘Amy, show Nora out and…’ Without looking at her, he added, ‘take a few days off.’
Amy didn’t seem to like what this insinuated. Her mouth puckered as she crossed her arms. With a sharp jerk of the head, she beckoned at Nancy. Nancy stepped towards the door and was surprised by a smart tug at the upper arm. Amy dished out a most vicious form of ushering as she steered Nancy through the door. To Vince, Amy had appeared to regain her cool PA-head. Nancy knew different.
Only on reaching the foot of the stairs, did Amy let it out. ‘You have heard it from the man himself now, Nora. Your services aren’t needed here. And guess what?’ She brandished Nancy’s badge. ‘I ain’t callin’ the police on you; not for trespassin’, not for harassment. Oh, no. I’m gonna work a little overtime to check you out myself, Nora...’ She read her name. ‘Nora Clements. Once I’m done, I’m gonna call the police and fill them in on everything.’ With that, Amy showed Nancy the door once again.